Reserved Parking Sign

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Arrival Guide

Here are some resources to help make Pro Kids the event of your school's year!

This 2 page guide will let you know what to expect and how to prepare for The Pro-Kids Show. Print copies for the office, custodian, etc. (or just click on the file and email them the link.)

Here are the video links to Scott's YouTube Channel.  Feel free to share on your school's social media platforms.

Pro Kids "Best Family Night Ever" (30 sec)

Pro Kids Quick Clip ( 16 sec)


Pro Kids Quick Clip 1 (23 sec)


Pro Kids Quick Clip 2 (17 sec)


Pro Kids Show Logo

Scott brings a lot of heaving cases and equipment. You’ll make his day if you use this sign to reserve a nice close spot for him (closest to where he will bring in the equipment.) He’ll then park, check in to the office, and begin unloading without delay!

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