First, The Daytime Program

We present a 45-minute assembly for your entire student body. This show is full of music, drama, skits, puppets, illusion, comedy, and audience involvement. This new program features character traits such as attitude, pride, caring, respect, persistence, manners, and more! The students are involved in the show... they are “doing”, not just “viewing.” This program is a unique combination of solid educational content and great entertainment. (PLEASE NOTE: Although it is a high-energy show, the kids DO NOT return to class out of control. Teachers appreciate our dismissal. The children leave VERY quietly and calmly, as a way of thanking their teachers. You have to see it!)

Second, The Classroom Guide

Discussion/activity guides are distributed to the teachers at the show for classroom follow-up. This is where the “rubber meets the road.” Using the comprehensive guide, teachers have an in-depth opportunity to discuss what the students experienced in the program.

Third, The Family Night Show

​​(We Are The Family Night Experts!)

Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand what we’re all about! The family night show is the climax to The Pro-Kids Show! It is held at the school the same evening as the assembly program. This one- hour family night show is completely different from the assembly, yet has the same world-class production values. This show includes more great magic, music, and messages that guarantee to inspire students and their families! Kids, as well as parents, are invited to the stage for hilarious audience participation segments. It is truly an amazing evening for the whole family.

"...the last thing I honestly wanted to do was go with my son and watch a show. But boy was I quickly laughing along, following your lesson about warm fuzzies and even had tears running down my face in hysterics...It was a fantastic show and I am very glad I let my son talk me into it. I just wanted to tell you that you have an amazing talent..." (via Facebook)



How We Work

​We use a simple, effective 3 step approach.

Since 1981!  Seen by more than 3 Million People!