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Here are some questions that people often ask about The Pro Kids Show!®

 Why Character Education?

We were talking about these themes long before they became as popular as they are today. They’ve been called many things: life skills, character education, values, the messages are still the same:

Respect yourself and others. (The “PRO” in Pro-Kids stands for “People Respecting Others.) Be a good person. Treat others as you want to be treated. Be honest, and cooperate with others. Think before you act. Be a good citizen. Believe in yourself. Spend quality and quantity time together as a family.

So, why character education? Because we believe that without passing on these qualities to our kids, we are in trouble as a nation. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

We want to be a support to schools and families who also believe this truth. In short, we are “pro-kids” for kids! 

Why A Family Night?

Our show will bring your “school family” together for a great night of entertainment & inspiration!
It’s hard for parents of elementary kids to find entertainment that the whole family can enjoy (unless they are spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars at Disney!) Most schools or parents groups sponsor our show, so it is free for families to attend. These days parents really appreciate taking their kids to see great “Disney Quality” entertainment with a great message!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an event that is very little work, yet involves the entire school family — staff, students & parents? Your parents WILL thank you, and like most schools, probably ask you to do it again!

Can we have just the Family Night?

Because of the overwhelming success of our Family Night Event, a lot of schools ask this question. The short answer is no, but you should understand why. If we were to do a Family Night show only, we would get the type of crowd that one would normally expect. At Pro-Kids, we are not satisfied with that! The reason we have such an outstanding reputation is we know how to make Family Nights really work, with maximum parent participation. After the students see the daytime show, believe us, they don’t want to miss the all-new Family Night show. They drag their parents to the show, which creates an exciting atmosphere for our evening event! Also, in our Family Night Show, references are made to the Daytime Assembly messages. It’s another way to bring parents “on board” in encouraging positive character at school.

Is the Family Night program the same show as the Daytime Assembly?

No! The Family Night show is 100% different, so the kids are NOT seeing the same thing twice. Scott makes sure the kids understand this when he reminds them of the Family Night show during his Daytime Assembly. He has a very funny and entertaining way of getting the kids excited about returning for the new show. 

Does the program have an anti-drug message?

Quite often the fee for The Pro-Kids Show is underwritten by drug prevention dollars. The show does not discuss “the facts” about drug abuse. The show instead focuses on core character and self-image issues that are the real problem behind drug abuse, bullying, etc. 

I usually just book daytime school shows.

The Family Night sounds like a lot of work.

Not at all! We ask that you put up our posters and pictures, and duplicate 2 notices (that we provide) to be sent home with the students. That’s it!

In reality, The Pro-Kids Show promotes itself. As a company, we have 30 years of experience of doing Daytime & Evening programs in elementary schools. We have developed a very simple, yet highly effective, promotion packet that keeps your time to a minimum.

When you book the program, we send you our “Pro-Kids Promo Kit.” In this you will find:
1) posters
2) 2 letters that are to be duplicated and sent home
3) a news release (many schools fax this to newspapers and TV stations.)
4) sample announcements to read over the intercom
5) a step by step easy to follow system
(Many parent and teacher groups have commented how helpful our system was to them!)

When are the letters sent home to promote Family Night?

The first letter is sent home one week prior to the Family Night Show. The half sheet flyer is sent home the day of the Daytime Assembly. In reality, our show can be booked on short notice and still be a success. (If we have the desired date available.)

Will parents turn out for the Family Night Show?

YES!! Audiences consistently turn out for the Family Night Show. Many schools have told Scott that The Pro-Kids Show is the highest attended event of the school year. Scott will be happy to tell you how many to expect once we get more information about your school.  We usually bring in record crowds to schools!

Can we just have the daytime assembly program?

Yes, although the majority of our schools host the complete program once they understand what it is that we do. If you have our daytime assembly, you’ll say, “That was a great show.” If you have the complete program, we hear this “Wow! We certainly didn’t expect a show or crowd like this. The parents LOVED it…When can we do it again?”

How long is the program?

The Daytime Assembly runs approximately 45 minutes, plus the time needed for students to enter and exit the room. The Family Night show lasts approximately one hour.

How is the audience seated?

In most situations, for the Daytime Assembly, the students are seated on the floor. For Family Night, the children sit with their parents (as families!) in chairs, and Scott performs on a stage. If your school does not have a stage, he can perform on portable platforms that are found in most schools. Ideally, he likes a 12×16 foot area. Most portable platforms come in 4×8 sections, so 6 sections are preferred, with stairs front & center.  See our arrival guide for more details.

We had your program last year. We'd like to have you again this year. Does your show change?

Yes! Currently, we have a 4-year cycle. So, we can present our full program at your school 4 years in a row without repeating material. After that, most of your school has changed and memories have faded! We have been to some schools 10 years in a row! The kids are EXCITED each year when we return. Instead of, “Oh, it’s him again”, it is “OH AWESOME! PRO-KIDS IS BACK— I HOPE HE BROUGHT ELROY!”

How much does it cost?

Many schools have said that they only have enough money for one school assembly, and they choose PRO-KIDS year after year. Budgets are tight, so you want to make it count!

The cost we charge to come present our unique program is very reasonable. The cost structure has been developed to promote efficient use of our organization while providing you with the lowest cost for our services. We are committed to giving a top notch, well-organized, professional presentation with only the highest standards. Remember, you are scheduling what others call one of the leading professional school assemblies available in the world! Financial considerations are different, according to each event. Click here to contact us for a price quote.

How do I schedule a program?

Grab your school calendar, pick up your phone and push these magic numbers…1-800-276-7870 x2, you can speak directly with Scott (or contact us here!