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"Your engaging performance delighted everyone & helped create happy memories for thousands."

 - President & Mrs. George W. Bush 

"...We were so pleased to see such a large turnout of parents...Your programs were captivating, entertaining, and educational." —Ms. Courtney Green, Guidance Counselor, Zolfo Springs, FL

 "We had Scott out to Calusa Park yesterday. You talk about bang for your buck!  This is one of the most engaging shows for students, teachers, and parents I have ever had the pleasure of bringing into my school.  Kids were literally falling over laughing and enthralled by the show's magic.  Integrated into this wonderfully entertaining program are messages about character and parental involvement.  It is a complete package.  If you are looking for programs, it is worth the time and the cost to bring ProKids! to your school." —Dr. Terrie Mitev, Principal, Calusa Park Elementary

"As school counselor of an elementary school that houses students in grades Pre-K through fifth, I would like to highly recommend the Pro-Kids Show for your students and parents.  The Pro-Kids Show is well worth its cost in helping to get across a school-wide message related to the importance of character....My principal immediately looked at me after the assembly was over and told me to book the Pro-Kids Show again for the next school year!  That comment alone should give you an idea of how much we all were impressed with the show.  Scott Humston does an exceptional character assembly!  

The evening show for parents and families proved to be just as entertaining and positive as the morning assembly for the students.  Our parents and students all commented on how much they thoroughly enjoyed the evening show.  It was truly amazing!  

Overall, we are highly pleased with both the Pro-Kids Show student and parent assemblies.  We are highly anticipating having the show back at our school this upcoming school year.  The students cannot stop talking about how great the show was and, most importantly, they remember the character messages of honesty and courage that were built upon throughout the entire show. "    —Amanda Glasgow, School Counselor,  Newberry Elementary School

“The Pro Kids Show is one of the best programs that I have ever had at my school. Scott does an amazing job of engaging not only the students but the adults as well. And by doing so, he is able to communicate the message of character development in a way that everyone leaves the program feeling inspired. We have had the show at the school for the past two years and plan to continue having Scott back for years to come!”—Elliott M. Southard, Principal, Chastain Road Elementary School

"The Pro Kids School Show was awesome!  Westview Primary Students loved the program you presented - it was very evident because our Parent Program that night was a full house! This is our tenth year at Westview Primary and the program was the best turnout we have ever had for an evening program." —Dr. Lucretia Carter, Principal, Westview Primary School

"The night of the program was exceptional.  Scott arrived two hours early to meet me, set up, and see if there was anything I would like him to emphasize other than what was on the program.  From the moment I introduced him, I knew it was going to be a power-packed night of music, magic, and lots of audience participation.  In his closing, he talked about the importance of family and valuing time with one another.  Scott was energetic, emotional, and entertaining.  I highly recommend the ProKids Show. You and your school will be impacted in a positive way in the overall culture of your school." —John Campbell, Principal, Sunrise Elementary

"The Pro Kids Show!® that was performed at Little Mountain Elementary exceeded all expectations. I absolutely love how Scott gets the students involved and maintain their interests the entire time. I would recommend this program to any school that would like to promote character education. This program teaches everyone, young and old, how important it is to have great character. It's definitely worth the money when you see a mom with her arms around her fifth-grade daughter's shoulders appreciating that moment in time together—it's priceless! When you see dads up on the stage and having a blast just for the sake of their child—it's priceless! The show was loved by everyone—I can't wait for next year's show." —Kim Mack, Principal,  Little Mountain Elementary


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